Saturday, October 31, 2009

If Everyday Was A Birthday, I'd Be Happier :))

From Apple.Com
Yes, I think I love you iMac 27" <3. I shall definitely be dreaming of this.

By the way, sorry for the M.I.A attitude. I've been busy with errr well life. :)) But I do promise to post up something soon about me. Hahaha :) Hope you all are having a great weekend & a Happy Halloween!
By the way, it's finally November tomorrow :D That means All Saint's Day back at home. I love you grandparents :) <3

"Okay,” he said. He took a breath. “What would you do, if you could do anything?” I took a step toward him, closing the space between us. “This,” I said. And then I kissed him. Kissed him. There, in the middle of the street, as the world went on around us." -excerpt from The Truth About Forever

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blog Hoppin' Day

So yeaay boyfie, i meant guy friend (Hahahaha..excuse the term, I call all my guy friends boyfies at a certain time in my life). Well he got to help me out on fixing the wallpaper I did days back ago. So yea, obviously he's made it look better than before. So that just goes to show I suck at graphics. Hahaha! Well it's cause I haven't yet err learnt a thing 'bout photoshop & illustrator. But I will, really, I promise myself. :D

So today is blog hoppin' day which means random blogs/websites that showcase well my interests. In this case, the interest is interior design. :D Which by the way, I am an interior design student :) but I've been thinking bout transfering to visual communication (graphics design n all). Not sure 'bout that yet though.:| Pray, think & pray again. :) Hehehe.

photo from Design*Sponge.

So one of the best things about blog hoppin' is that you jump from one site to another to another, and end up finding great stuff. I am inlove with Niki Jones. Niki Jones was trained at the Scottish College of Textiles and the Royal College of Art in London. She currently owns her own company that sells unique designed and crafted items. I think I know what I want as a wedding present! :P



Friday, October 23, 2009

You Are So Adorable

Our year old mix breed, Fifi enjoying the comforts of a pillow and blanket.
She's so damn spoiled but we can't help it. I mean c'mon, she's just adorable. :)

This Would Make Any Girl Happy

grabbed from Jak & Jil Blog

I am just speechless. I drool, I cry, I want, I need and I shall imagine in my dreams tonight. <3 <3 <3

Random Tidbit :: Burger King Windows 7 Whopper

7 patties!!??!!..OMG?!!..I saw this on the news and I had to check it out instantly. I mean goodness the reporter actually finished her Windows 7 Whopper burger..Yaghh?!!..I wonder if my brother could handle such a thing, I know I couldn't unless I were really hungry. :))

Last Minute

Polo shirt, Marks & Spencers :: white skirt, thrifted :: belt, 168 Divi :: jewelry, thrifted

So I didnt have a decent photo of last wednesday's outfit but this will do. Exclude the fact that im wearing sandals, my feet started complaining and I got tired of weairng 4 inch pumps :| Hahaha. :) Oh yea that would be my new friend of a couple weeks, Edward :D

You Remind Me of Yesterday

I am sorry, I didnt mean to make you hungry after seeing those pics! :)) Hahaha

Today was a pretty alright day. Fortunately got the right lyrics for the p&w for the band at youth church, so I didn’t have to do any last minute cramming.

Celebrated my uncle’s 43rd birthday in advance (his birthday is on yesterday). A birthday celebration usually means food trippin. :D Yeahaay! Yummy biryani rice, grilled chicken, brother’s fave broasted/crispy chicken & french fries!! :D Yumm-O!

As seen on my post way back, my baby cousins are the most adorable kids I know & I LOVE them. Today, I love them even more. :)) Hahaha. I rode back with my uncle & aunt so I got a chance to bond with the two lil’ ones. Unfortunately no camera in hand, so I wasn’t able to catch their cuteness. :) Plus I ending falling asleep on the ride back home, and to my surprise when i woke up, the two lil’ ones were fast asleep too. The sight of babies sleeping is just adorable. Don’t ya think? :)

Completely off the flow. Quick note to the head:: NEVER, EVER write anything on something that isnt yours, whether it be on a phone, notebook or itouch. Whatever object you could write on. This is because the owner just might read it. :
Hahaha. (Fortunately, I was quick to dismiss the persistent friend who owned the itouch I accidentally poured my heart & soul to. :)) Hahaha.:)

On another happy note, I'm happy for my brother and his girlfriend. :D Yes his girlfriend, I can actually say it without any consequences! Hahaha. Piece of advice from one who may be older than you, its best to let your parents know when you’re in a relatiopnship, secrecy will do you no good. :)) Really.

Well that’s the end of my weekend. I’m hoping some of you had fun the past days & those whose weekends have yet to become, may you have an amazing time. :)

bf blazer, vintage :: dress, Ms from Centrepoint :: tights, unknown :: jewelry, thrifted :: boots, thrifted

God bless you! XoXo <3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rise Up & Make A Difference

So I was pretty much on this trashy, crappy, bad vibe mood a couple hours back but after some reflection (designing & music), I am back to happy me. :D yeay! Hahaha.
Well this is the result of me toying around with my editing software. This would be err a logo for the youth church, I am part of (well not really part of, Im not exactly youth age soon. I sing there sometimes :) hehehe)
What do you think of it? Should I tweek it a bit more & where? Change it overall? Ideas, comments & critique people!! Needed asap :)) Not asap really, but I appreciate comments. :)

You Turn My World Upside Down

NO, you arent dreaming. NO, I did nto flip the picture over. :)) A house that seriously is upside down. Even the INSIDE, all the stuff are upside down! :)) It was done for an exhibit in Germany. The architects just wanted to try out something different, and different indeed it is. More pictures in Crazy Upside Down House.

I Use'd To Think I Wasn't Fine Enough

Mon :: Mikeeee :: brother, Norm :: Tito Jerry
the "dudes" that rock my world..well rather half of the full bunch :P hahaha

Pink polo top, Marks & Spencers :: belt, 168 divi :: skirt, thrifted :: shoes, Syrup PRP
This is the "team". We rock it out with all our hearts and we LOVE taking pictures :D Hahaha Vain much??

We love chocolate frosted macaroons. Yes we did get addicted to 'em, i even brought a couple with me :)) I love leftovers, especially the dessert. Hahahaha

My mum found this lil doll telephone cover thing adorable. Hahaha. It reminds me of my old school dolls, way back. I loved braiding their hair :)

Last night was AWESOME :D
Not enough words or even pictures to describe how amazing our PW Night was last night. It was just purely amazing, fun & truly inspiring. I truly hope the people who came, were blessed to be there, cause I know I definitely was. I hope my brother's friends found it inspiring. :)

Interesting things happened last night :)) Hahaha.
* Running around wearing an A-line skirt is NOT good at all. I had to hike it up so I could run here & there, bend over n carry stuff :| Hahaha. All done ofcourse, with grace & poise. :P
* Unexpectedly had 2 more of my brother's friends come along with us. Which was great but what was really funny was when we had to get 'em in. We used what Mikey said as our Filipino family charm, our undeniable happiness aura :))
* I literally ate so much. It wasnt funny, kinda. I mean literally. Hahahaha. There was lamb, biryani rice, noodles, chicken, fruit salad, macaroons, and more. How could I not resist? :P
* I got asked to be taken a picture with someone. Only me. OMG. Hahahaha. lol VIP feeling? It was sweet actually. Hahaha *blushes*
* We ended having to sleepover a friend's house cause my dad couldnt bring us all back home (we're a family of 5 and 3 of Norman's friends were there..5+3 = 8 = not possible). We live an hour away from church plus we have an old school Pontiac car that doesnt really do well with large number of people in it. :)) Hahaha. So fortunately, my mom's friend was willing to let us stay over. :)

The only sad thing bout last night was my bestfriend couldnt come along :( Well next time sweetie you can alright. Plus there's always mondays, wednesdays & fridays. :D

Hope y'all having an interesting week. God bless. Xoxo. <3

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feels So Crazy To Be In Your World

playing around with my editing software..teehee :) it sorta looks alright..hahaha :P

pink oversize top, thrifted :: denim shorts, crissa jeans :: jewelry(bracelets), thrifted :: jewelry(necklaces), Baguio

So this is how I am, if Im lazy and I dont have a clue of what to wear. I pretty much grabbed whatever I could find plus considering the fact that I was on my way to do hard labor at my destination, shorts was a must. :D Family project yesterday :: setting up the "place" which consisted of carrying uber heavy stage drops, endless adjustments of wirings & cables to its proper place, sound checks & lil what-nots here n there. We started fixing the place up around 9pm and got home by 2.30am. Yess it took that long. Pshwww no shots, I was just too busy working :| Hahahah Obviously not a fan of such work but I actually enojoy it, once in a while.

Well today's the big day. After endless practices 2x a week. Finally ready to belt it out, for 2 hours. Yikes! Hahaha. Hope I can get shots of me wearing our "uniform." Not at all special or pretty and Im not exactly following the exact required dress code. Hahaha :))

Have a great day y'all :) teecee n God bless <3 mwuahx.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"I Do"

Rest of the photos of this quirky ring can be found on Book Ring.

I bumped into this quirky ring while browsing through random clicks here and there. I love blog hopping, you find the most amazing, weird things :) Well there were more quirky, cool rings other than this one. Check it out at 14 Most Creative Wedding Rings.

Baby, Can You Take Me There :)

Photos takin by Maria Y.

An adorable shop, I WANT NEED to go too while I'm still here at Sand Land. :) My bestfriend took the pictures. She was fortunate enough that the salesman let her take pics inside the shop. I mean, what's not to love about the place. The wallpaper is gorgeous, the color scheme reminds me of my other bestfriend, and have you seen the chandelier?!! I could seriosuly do one in my future place. Hehehe :D Also not to forget the amazing clothes you see & the jewelry!!.. Aghhhhhh like I said, must go place for me :D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's Not To Love??

reblogged from Fuck Yeah Fashion!

I want everything Miranda is wearing!!..I adore the skirt n boots the most. Sigh. Christmas be soon :P Hahaha :)

To The Beat of My Heart

blazer, Susina :: white top, 2xremz - Centrepoint :: jeans, Miss Jeans - Centrepoint
boots, thrifted :: jewelry, thrifted, Centrepoint & China Gate

Ok no shots of me alone..ahahah..i wasnt really into the idea of posing with my friends around, with them ready to make funny faces at me, so i asked my friend, Caryl to tag along in the pics..hahaha :) Yess we like to goof off. Thank goodness there wasnt a pic of us dancing :)) Hahaha. A hella tiring day yesterday. Damn, wednesday is just going to be awesome! :D

For some reason. I find the word "refilled" in this sentence, just wrong..It just is!!..What do you think??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Want To Go Where The Rivers Cannot Overflow Me

It has been busy busy for me, in the past days, which explains the lack of posts. Sorry much. But I am back and finaly feeling better. Wooohoo not sick anymore :)

I wake up to the most annoying sound, the sound of errr wood being scraped or something. To my suprise, it was my brother "scalloping" his friend's guitar. I dunno if that's even the right term at all. Hahaha

Outfit of the day, I mean yesterday's. Hahaha :)

dress, bazaar :: vest, brother's :: belt, 168 Divi :: tights, unknown
boots, some shop in M.O.D :: bag, mommy's :: jewelry, thrifted

My bestfriend and I had to tear all these college catalogs up. :| Yess it was tiring, fortunately the secretary told us we could judt dump the thick catalogs in a box to lessen the load; and it really did lessen the load. Hahaha. Saw the cutest catalog cover for Uni of Essex. Gingerbread men!! :D

I miss my bestfriend! :(  I had so much fun catching up with you yesterday. Please get net soon :P Hahaha. Love you loads hunn. Mwuahx <3

Happy weekend to everyone :) XoXo..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold,Cold..Please Go Away

Im still sick and I hate it, though it isnt as bad as yesterday, where I could barely breathe, chew n talk. Woke up feeling better than before so I'm taking it up as a good sign for me. Yeay!! :)

original picture grabbed from Google Images..edited version by Abreone

I know right. "Hott." This was edited by a friend of mine, Abreone (yess i know, its a unique name and I find it really cool. :D). I hope he doesn't see this :P Hahaha. Credits to him though, he used Photoshop, something I have yet to discover n tinker around with. It amazes me how people like him, just know how to do amazing stuff with Photoshop. Makes me all jealous, really in a non-threating way. Hahaha. Creativity + technology = wow. Just goes to show, Im so clueless about the Photoshop world. Hahaha. Well it's on my to-do list in life:: *Learn how to use Photoshop* :D

On another note, my brother's errr attempt to design his room, is really getting to my nerves. I guess its cause I'm sick. Blaghhhh. Anyways his attempt to design his room consists of random pictures stuck to his wall near his instuments and insanely "annoying" collage on top of his headboard. I truly love him with all my heart but sometimes my brother is just a pain. In this case, his design skills are my pet peeve of the day. Hahaha. I will soon figure a way to design his sad state of room, I just have to gather my random thoughts into actual paper :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


That would be my mum, totally delighted with her new coffee thingy. Hahaha. It's basically has 3 components to why she adores it: it's red, it has coca-cola written on it, it's for coffee (she's addicted to coffee).

Went to my alma mater to volunteer. For some reason, people didnt believe I was my brother's sister. Hmmm? Also they said, I looked like the younger one. Score! Woohoo :D Sick for today and I have a feeling I'll be sick for quite sometime. Bad case of the cold (the effect of singing practice in a really cold room :| bummerrrr..)

black top, Kamiseta :: jeans, Miss :: jewelry, thrifted :: boots, thrifted :: bag, yrys

Rebellion, Is it a State of Mind??

Being the only female child with two younger brothers, you'd expect my siblings to be one of the "black sheeps"..Ironically to the situation, I believe I'm the one to be labeled the "black sheep" or the "rebel"..It's not that I like doing the wrong things, I just tend to be the spontaneous, adventurous, outspoken mistaken for rebellion type of person. :)) Hahaha well I admit in most of the situations, I've done a wrong of some sort but nowadays I take it well with a positive and accepting outlook. You did it so might as well accept the consequences. Well now I'm grounded for a month. Boohoo but I'm not really that "angered" over my errr punsihment. That's just how life is. :))