Saturday, October 10, 2009


That would be my mum, totally delighted with her new coffee thingy. Hahaha. It's basically has 3 components to why she adores it: it's red, it has coca-cola written on it, it's for coffee (she's addicted to coffee).

Went to my alma mater to volunteer. For some reason, people didnt believe I was my brother's sister. Hmmm? Also they said, I looked like the younger one. Score! Woohoo :D Sick for today and I have a feeling I'll be sick for quite sometime. Bad case of the cold (the effect of singing practice in a really cold room :| bummerrrr..)

black top, Kamiseta :: jeans, Miss :: jewelry, thrifted :: boots, thrifted :: bag, yrys


Anonymous said...

thats a sophisticated yet pretty look for u :) :P

Velire said...

thanks for dropping by :) it usually depends on my mood really :)

cameraholic said...

i love the boots. great find!


p.s. going to a uniform school with a strict dress code is doing me no good. HAHA

Velire said...

It was a great got it at Baguio :)

I know the feeling ;)