Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Use'd To Think I Wasn't Fine Enough

Mon :: Mikeeee :: brother, Norm :: Tito Jerry
the "dudes" that rock my world..well rather half of the full bunch :P hahaha

Pink polo top, Marks & Spencers :: belt, 168 divi :: skirt, thrifted :: shoes, Syrup PRP
This is the "team". We rock it out with all our hearts and we LOVE taking pictures :D Hahaha Vain much??

We love chocolate frosted macaroons. Yes we did get addicted to 'em, i even brought a couple with me :)) I love leftovers, especially the dessert. Hahahaha

My mum found this lil doll telephone cover thing adorable. Hahaha. It reminds me of my old school dolls, way back. I loved braiding their hair :)

Last night was AWESOME :D
Not enough words or even pictures to describe how amazing our PW Night was last night. It was just purely amazing, fun & truly inspiring. I truly hope the people who came, were blessed to be there, cause I know I definitely was. I hope my brother's friends found it inspiring. :)

Interesting things happened last night :)) Hahaha.
* Running around wearing an A-line skirt is NOT good at all. I had to hike it up so I could run here & there, bend over n carry stuff :| Hahaha. All done ofcourse, with grace & poise. :P
* Unexpectedly had 2 more of my brother's friends come along with us. Which was great but what was really funny was when we had to get 'em in. We used what Mikey said as our Filipino family charm, our undeniable happiness aura :))
* I literally ate so much. It wasnt funny, kinda. I mean literally. Hahahaha. There was lamb, biryani rice, noodles, chicken, fruit salad, macaroons, and more. How could I not resist? :P
* I got asked to be taken a picture with someone. Only me. OMG. Hahahaha. lol VIP feeling? It was sweet actually. Hahaha *blushes*
* We ended having to sleepover a friend's house cause my dad couldnt bring us all back home (we're a family of 5 and 3 of Norman's friends were there..5+3 = 8 = not possible). We live an hour away from church plus we have an old school Pontiac car that doesnt really do well with large number of people in it. :)) Hahaha. So fortunately, my mom's friend was willing to let us stay over. :)

The only sad thing bout last night was my bestfriend couldnt come along :( Well next time sweetie you can alright. Plus there's always mondays, wednesdays & fridays. :D

Hope y'all having an interesting week. God bless. Xoxo. <3

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