Monday, February 21, 2011

God hand delivers a bouquet to our door every day.

I haven't been blogging because school has been sucking the life out of me (literally in sense also) but despite the trials of school and whatever else life has been brought on me in the past weeks, I've so grateful that God never has left my side and continues to shower me with His blessings! Thank you Lord. I can't wait for March, one month left in the country before vacation time! :D

loose top - secret place for P100.00
studded bag - secret place for P200.00
necklace - handmade from beads from Carolina's (P100.00)
ankle boots - secret place for P450.00

dress - secret place for P100.00
belt - divisoria for P50.00
jewelry - vente vente store + gifts

 ruffled pink dress - secret place for P55.00 (I am dead serious, I know right, unbelievably great find!)
belt - Divisoria for P50.00
tights - unknown
ankle boots - secret place for P450.00

This is my 5-month old baby Almond and my two "children" Marielle and Kervin. The boots I happen to be wearing are from Divisoria. My bff gave them to me as a late bday gift. We own the same pair! :D Hahaha.