Saturday, October 17, 2009

To The Beat of My Heart

blazer, Susina :: white top, 2xremz - Centrepoint :: jeans, Miss Jeans - Centrepoint
boots, thrifted :: jewelry, thrifted, Centrepoint & China Gate

Ok no shots of me alone..ahahah..i wasnt really into the idea of posing with my friends around, with them ready to make funny faces at me, so i asked my friend, Caryl to tag along in the pics..hahaha :) Yess we like to goof off. Thank goodness there wasnt a pic of us dancing :)) Hahaha. A hella tiring day yesterday. Damn, wednesday is just going to be awesome! :D

For some reason. I find the word "refilled" in this sentence, just wrong..It just is!!..What do you think??


Anonymous said...

hmmm yes yes not an appropriate word at all...

n i loveee ure outfit!!!!! girl ure a born model, n u have an amzing style too love ya x0x0

beckyxoxo said...

nice outfit ! i love your boots and blazer :)

Velire said...

thank you gals so much :)

F i K a said...

veraa..I already put your blog on my blogroll too :D...I add you in "international style"

awww,,I really love your it snake skins?it looks really great!!

Velire said...

thank you FiKa :D

umm the boots arent snake skin..more like faux fur with something :)) ill put up a post of a close-up of em soon, since everyone seems to love em :D