Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Careless Whispers of A Good Friend

I usually don't start my posts with pictures straight away, I usually write something but today my mind has seem to go blank. So pictures it is (for now).

Personally I thought the concert was short, I would have loved it so much more if it lasted longer. All the dudes in the pictures are friends except the dude with the guitar, he happens to be my brother. I know, we don't look alike (though I don't if you can tell here.)

Anyways since I knew I was bound to do errands for half the day (the concert was held at the last two periods of the day which meant 3 hours of me doing something to kill time), I made sure to wear flats. I wore a dress (as a skirt) which made it a bit harder when I had to bend down to take pictures. Thank goodness for tights! :)
T-shirt, SM Department store, gift
 Vest, brother's closet
Dress (worn underneath), bazaar for $3
Tights, unknown
Shoes, SM Department store for $5
Jewelry :: necklace for $1, other necklaces are actual bag straps, earrings for $1

Inspired by a blog I saw, I'm sharing with you 3 other ways of how I wore the tube dress. :) The best part about the tube dress I got is that its cloth is the type that you can pair up with anything else plus I only got it for $3!! :D 
Look 1 :: paired up with a belt
Look 2 (the one I wore yesterday) :: paired up with a shirt & vest, worn underneath
Look 3 :: paired up with a top and belt (worn over the shirt)
Look 4 :: paired up with a vest

The looks can really vary when it comes to a versatile piece of clothing like a tube dress. I would have so much more other versions of how to wear the dress if I wasn't that tired yesterday. Hehehe. I think I'll do something like this, every month. :) What do you think of a monthly "# ways of wearing a ------"?
I'm enjoying editing. :) Though I know I have a lot more to learn. Hmmm makes me consider if I should transfer into a multimedia art/graphic design course or stay in interior design? I could always do both too. :D Hahaha. Have a lovely week or weekend loves. :* Mwuahx

Thank you for the comments. I will never ever get tired of letting you guys know how much I appreciate them. I also want to say thank you to the bloggers following me, aww you guys *hug* thank you!! :* Mwuahx!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is This Love That I'm Feeling?

It was a beautiful day, last Friday when me & the family went to church. It was one of those days where we all woke up with smiles on our faces. Anyways I am loving the fact that there is love in the air. I guess it is because it's the love month but unlike other years, this year seems so much more positive & happy.

Even the flowers seem to have "love" in their air. I love the hues of red, pink and white here. (My brother calls the plant/flower at the right, cabbage flower cause it looks like cabbage.)

I adore my friend's shoes! I mean c'mon don't they look awesome. hahaha. I'd love a pair in red. Plus her outfit was cute. Plaid shirt over jeans and a vest-fur coat. 

Unlike my friend, I decided to wear a skirt that day. I ended up freezing up since it was still too cold outside and I didn't bring a coat. Boohoo. Well I really hope the weather heats up soon, I really do miss summer. What I love about what I wore is that it made me feel all "girly". I enjoy wearing skirts most of the time when I can. :) If it isn't skirts, then dresses or shorts. Pants would always be the last option.
I just realized when looking at my picture that everything I have on is under $5 a piece. :) Yes, like many other bloggers out there, I am the type who enjoys the bargain prices. I enjoy finding something for a low price. 

Tank top worn underneath top :: Centrepoint, bought on sale, $4
Top :: Thrift Shop, $4
Skirt :: Thrift Shop, $4
Belt :: Divisoria, $1
Shoes :: Divisoria, $3
Necklace :: mom's jewelry
Bag :: Aldo, gift

After service, the family and I headed out to the city for fun. Grocery shopping & window shopping. This is what my parents decided to have for a snack. I went for a pepperoni Wetzel pretzel. :) Hahaha.

This would be the car all of us died when we saw it. We're all fans of old-school cars and this pretty much made everyone's jaw drop. :) That's my brother with his typical rock-on hand pose.

 I wish everyone a happy week & well a truly amazing "love-filled" month.

Hugs and kisses. Mwuahx!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You've Got To be Noisy and Colorful and Lively

So I got to visit my high school yesterday since it happened to be their Sports Day and pretty much got to go around and take pictures and meet up with old friends. I can't believe that it's been 3 years since high school graduation and now it's my friends turns to graduate this year. Don't you just love the memories of high school & well the experiences and opportunities that stumbled by ever since you graduated? Cause I certainly do. :)

It was the perfect weather for half of the day till the sun decided to come out and shower us with its lovely rays. I think that means summer is pretty much knocking on the door now. Yeaaay girls & guys, it's going to be summer time soon. :)

The following pictures are random pictures of people that I took while I was there. Since it was their Sports Day the students and my friends, pretty much had their "play clothes" on.

Blog world, this is Misha, my friend who I mentioned in my last post. :) She's applying into a fashion design course this summer/fall. I love how she paired up her loose top with electric blue legging & her black blazer. Not to forget, she had this adorable necklace on, pixie dust I think? Ohh almost forget to mention her adorable black heart bag! Cute! I want one in red! :)

I knew I was going to walk around a lot and I also knew that it would get a bit hot outside so I made sure to wear comfortable clothes. In my case since I wasn't satisfied with anything in my closet yesterday, I rummaged through my siblings' closets (they're both boys by the way) and ta-da I did find stuff. hehehe.
Excuse the "face". My brother wasn't being all cooperative at that time. Hahaha. My hair seems brown here but it really isn't, I think.
red tanktop, Splash :: red polo, younger brother's :: vest, younger brother's :: jeans, miss jeans from centrepoint :: shoes, thrifted :: jewelry, thrifted, gifts &Centrepoint

Edited photos. I just couldn't help myself. Hehehe. They turned out cool, I especially love the rainbow effect.

Have a lovely weekend and rest of the week loves.

Hugs and kisses. Mwuahx! :*

* Thank you for your comments on my last post!. :D You guys have no idea how it makes me smile, when I see the messages you write. :) 
* On the note about the hair, I can't try it on me, I tried and failed. Hahaha. It's kind of too hard to have my hands and arms stretched out to the back, I can just do the braids, but the other styles are way too complicated. I've been thinking about trying it on my mom so I'll see if we both have the time to try the cute hairstyles out. :)
* One of you lovely bloggers (Leah) asked me about my camera. I happen to use an Olympus E-510 with 14-42 mm lens.
* On the rooms I showed in my last post, I think Misha's mom designed/decorated the room up. :)
* I've just added a box so that if any of you have questions, you can ask there. :D