Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Want To Go Where The Rivers Cannot Overflow Me

It has been busy busy for me, in the past days, which explains the lack of posts. Sorry much. But I am back and finaly feeling better. Wooohoo not sick anymore :)

I wake up to the most annoying sound, the sound of errr wood being scraped or something. To my suprise, it was my brother "scalloping" his friend's guitar. I dunno if that's even the right term at all. Hahaha

Outfit of the day, I mean yesterday's. Hahaha :)

dress, bazaar :: vest, brother's :: belt, 168 Divi :: tights, unknown
boots, some shop in M.O.D :: bag, mommy's :: jewelry, thrifted

My bestfriend and I had to tear all these college catalogs up. :| Yess it was tiring, fortunately the secretary told us we could judt dump the thick catalogs in a box to lessen the load; and it really did lessen the load. Hahaha. Saw the cutest catalog cover for Uni of Essex. Gingerbread men!! :D

I miss my bestfriend! :(  I had so much fun catching up with you yesterday. Please get net soon :P Hahaha. Love you loads hunn. Mwuahx <3

Happy weekend to everyone :) XoXo..


Sher said...

Cute outfit, I love the wide belt!!

Oh the gingerbread men are too cute:)

Thanks for the link, linking you right back!


What Was I Thinking? said...

Hey there, thanks for the add :)
I love your outfit, great proportions.

& that catalog cover is hilarious & cute!

Talk to you soon
<3 Christine

Anonymous said...

ooohhh money money th net :D and guess wattt.... finally getting DSL on mon yayyyyyy.....and i am so going to go to aramco with u, sooon hopefully loool, there is someone i gotta see ;) you to bits oooh muwax muwax muwaxxxxx infinite x'z n 0'z

Jowy said...


One Love,