Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feels So Crazy To Be In Your World

playing around with my editing software..teehee :) it sorta looks alright..hahaha :P

pink oversize top, thrifted :: denim shorts, crissa jeans :: jewelry(bracelets), thrifted :: jewelry(necklaces), Baguio

So this is how I am, if Im lazy and I dont have a clue of what to wear. I pretty much grabbed whatever I could find plus considering the fact that I was on my way to do hard labor at my destination, shorts was a must. :D Family project yesterday :: setting up the "place" which consisted of carrying uber heavy stage drops, endless adjustments of wirings & cables to its proper place, sound checks & lil what-nots here n there. We started fixing the place up around 9pm and got home by 2.30am. Yess it took that long. Pshwww no shots, I was just too busy working :| Hahahah Obviously not a fan of such work but I actually enojoy it, once in a while.

Well today's the big day. After endless practices 2x a week. Finally ready to belt it out, for 2 hours. Yikes! Hahaha. Hope I can get shots of me wearing our "uniform." Not at all special or pretty and Im not exactly following the exact required dress code. Hahaha :))

Have a great day y'all :) teecee n God bless <3 mwuahx.


Denise said...

i like this one, especially the first photo. What software are you using? btw nice top.

Anonymous said...

i soo missed it...:(....n u lookk great like always lol...luv ya x0x0

Velire said...

thanks denise :)

i use a program called "PhotoScape" its user friendly so i love it :)) cant seem to figure out Photoshop just yet :)

Malu said...

I love your style!
You have a great blog :D Very inspiring!


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Velire said...

thanks for droppin by Malu! Thank you :)