Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Bee.

I know how I've been missing lately and I am super sorry my loves. I am a busy bee this week. I am currently going through the phases of figuring out what to pack and what to buy for my trip back home (Philippines). I have to finish a shirt design for a friend and also go to my high school to help out with a friend's fashion show event. Wooohooo! :)

Last week, my brother and I got invited to our friend's suprise sweet 16 party. It was a formal wear event thus why my brother has a suit on. :) Hahaha. The girl next to him is the birthday celebrant herself, Ebun. Her shoes were gorgeous!! I just forgot to take a picture of 'em.
black dress, Splash for $4 :: earrings, unknown :: shoes, Syrup of People R People for $10

I had a photo shoot with friends yesterday and it was super fun and surprisingly exhausting. Hehehe. I didn't think modeling was tiring till yesterday and now I totally appreciate the fashion editorials and photos I see. :) This photo is just one of the several photos, Karl took of me. He has yet to send me the rest so I'm in suspense of the outcome. :D Hehehe. But so far, I love this shot. FYI, The lace dress I have on was my aunt's dress a long time back. :)

I honestly don't know when I'll be posting up again and replying to your lovely comments (THANK YOU all for stopping by and commenting, it means so much to me). BUT I will make sure to post and comment soon enough. Just getting my things on my to-do list checked out and I'm back to blogging. :D Anyways hope y'all have a lovely weekend. A couple more days and it'll be the end of March so make sure to have fun!! :D

Hugs and Kisses, Mwuahx

Saturday, March 6, 2010

You Are My Sunshine

Hello loves, its been awhile and now I am back to a steady pace of blogging. I really felt bad for totally going AWOL last weeks ago so I'm making sure I update my blog as much as possible. :) I had a lovely weekend, busy in fact. Had a photography beginners session at a friend's house on Thursday and on Friday I had the opportunity of spending time with long time friends. :) Yesterday while talking with friends from church, I once again remembered how everything truly happens. Most of the times it's full of frustrations and emotions when certain things happen in our lives but in the long run, eventually something amazing does happen and it all just works out. :) The following pictures are some of the pictures I took during the photo walk session last Thursday. A photo walk by the way was a chance for us beginners to take pics while the sun was up high and it was bright outside.

On another note, I also tried out light writing since I finally understood how to change my shutter speed. Yes, I only found out now. hahaha. I am still learning but so far I love how the pictures turned out. I'm thinking of using other light sources to see the variation in the pictures. You'll somewhat see a shadow of my brother in the second picture (I did that on purpose so you could see what really happens).

This is what I wore yesterday. I originally intended to wear the skirt over my black top and then a belt but my mom said I looked younger when I wore it that way, so I sticked to wearing it this way instead. The wind seemed to be friendly with my skirt since my skirt wanted to fly away a lot yesterday. Hehehe. :) Please ignore my facial expressions, I was falling asleep then & remembered I had to take pics for my blog. Hahaha. Yeaay for my brother who just clicks the camera nonstop. :) Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and wishin' you all a lvoely week to come. :* God bless you!
Black beaded top, thrift store for $4 :: Printed skirt, thrift store at the Philippines for $3 :: Belt, handed down from my mom :: Shoes, handed down from my mom

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Let Us All Smile and Be Happy

I am deeply sorry for being a bad blogger. I've been quite busy the past days and have only come around to posting something now. Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to tag along with my brother and his band to a gig of theirs at a resort. Funny thing is my dad ended up taking the wrong turn to soon, and we ended up traveling to the end of the road (yes to the end of the road). Fortunately enough we got to the resort just in time. I have a couple of things to do this week so I'm not too sure when I'll be posting again but I am sure it won't take me so long. :) hehehe...

Anyways this was my outfit last Friday. I went for a colorful-hippie vibe. Fortunately enough, this time it wasn't cold at all, so wearing a dress was perfect. Black cover-up (bolero) over tube dress. Blue belt in the middle. Stud earrings, black rubber bracelets and necklace as a headpiece as my accessories.

While I was gone, the lovely Oana of Oana awarded me with this. So thank you my dear. Do visit her blog, she's such a great inspiration and blogger. :)

Now I'm suppose to write down 10 things that make me happy. It was a tough call since I am the type who would rather write everything that makes me happy down but I fortunately stuck to the rule of just 10. Hehehe. Have fun reading loves. :)

1. God.The acknowledgement of God’s love daily brings a smile on my face. Whether it may be a good time or a bad time in my life, it is comforting and inspiring to know that an awesome God is there watching over me, guiding me and protecting me.
2. Family. I would never be able to find the exact words of how much my family brings me happiness. Even when we fight or quarrel or argue, it brings happiness to me. My family is my support system and without them, I wouldn’t be who I am now.
3. Friends. I am truly blessed that I was fortunate enough to have friends I’ve known for a long time (most of them I’ve known for a year or more) and they’ve stuck by my side through the good times and bad. Whether it is a simple ride to school, studying together or at a mall, spending time with my friends definitely brings me happiness.
4. Babies, Kids, Children. Children of all ages (preferably below 10) always put a smile on my face. I enjoy the pleasure of holding a baby in my arms, cuddling one to sleep, or teaching one to draw or talk. The beauty of the innocence of a child is just so amazing and inspiring that I just have to be with a lil’ one when I see one.
5. Animals especially dogs. My family and I blessed to have a lil’ young one ourselves in my family and her name is Fifi. I feel like she’s my little sister, the one I’ve always wanted. I simply adore how she sleeps and cuddle her as much as I can. Her funny and quirky habits never fail to brighten up my day.
6. Cupcakes. I have this quirky trait of mine that I enjoy giving away homemade cupcakes. I love baking. I especially enjoy baking chocolate cupcakes. Not to eat them but to give them away to friends. The sight of seeing my friends enjoy the cupcakes I make just purely is well indescribable. I have a feeling when I grow old, I’d be this grandma who’d always be the one to cook the desserts.
7. Drawing doodles and other artworks. Drawing has always been a pastime of mine ever since I knew how to hold a color pencil (crayon, marker, whatever art medium there was). I don’t draw as much as I use to but I do try to make sure I doodle something every once in a while. Doodling and drawing have been such a stress releaser that I can’t help but feel happy when I do it.
8. Inspirational pictures. I enjoy looking through pictures with meaning, whether it be a photo of a person or a thing, or a photo with a meaningful quote. With technology nowadays, pictures are accessible through so much sites and with the right clicks of the keyboard, I can practically go through my own therapy session online (it’s free and its inspiring, what more could I want).
9. Sunrises, sunsets and rain. Nothing beats getting to catch a glimpse or watch the full show of the sun rising and setting. The beauty of such an amazing creation reminds me of how amazing my Creator is. The colors of the sky, the majestic clouds, the feeling of “heaven” is just purely fantastic.
10. Food. Maybe be the last on my list but not at all the least. I enjoy eating. Eating makes me happy. I'm more of the home-cook meals type of girl but I do enjoy the occasional fastfoods and restaurants out there. And yes I am the type of girl who loves rice. hahaha.  :)

Woohoo! Done with my ten things that make me happy and finally finishing it makes me happy. Have a lovely weekends loves. :) By the way, can you believe it, It's already March?! How time passes by so quickly.
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