Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blog Hoppin' Day

So yeaay boyfie, i meant guy friend (Hahahaha..excuse the term, I call all my guy friends boyfies at a certain time in my life). Well he got to help me out on fixing the wallpaper I did days back ago. So yea, obviously he's made it look better than before. So that just goes to show I suck at graphics. Hahaha! Well it's cause I haven't yet err learnt a thing 'bout photoshop & illustrator. But I will, really, I promise myself. :D

So today is blog hoppin' day which means random blogs/websites that showcase well my interests. In this case, the interest is interior design. :D Which by the way, I am an interior design student :) but I've been thinking bout transfering to visual communication (graphics design n all). Not sure 'bout that yet though.:| Pray, think & pray again. :) Hehehe.

photo from Design*Sponge.

So one of the best things about blog hoppin' is that you jump from one site to another to another, and end up finding great stuff. I am inlove with Niki Jones. Niki Jones was trained at the Scottish College of Textiles and the Royal College of Art in London. She currently owns her own company that sells unique designed and crafted items. I think I know what I want as a wedding present! :P



1 comment:

Karen said...

Whichever paths you take.. im sure you will do well :)

Altho I must sayyy
you do going being an interior student hahaah
I know because I've been your classmate for 2 and a halfish terms
meaning Ive seen your work on the random times that we do collect our worksheets :)