Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's All 'Bout the Rock 'n' Roll

Today was quite a day. Usually Sundays are boring for me, fortunately enough, things got interesting for me.
· I became a mediator of sorts between my bestfriend & her boyfriend. Now her boyfriend calls me an angel for helping out. Aawww shucks :) I do my best when it comes to my friends.
· Internet can surely be one of the quickest ways to get attention/fame. Example Jacque Bermejo. Enough said, I won’t bother to comment. :)
· Despite the crazy typhoon back at home, people still find time to go on Facebook. Hmm?? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Facebook happens to be helping those in need; so many groups, status, notes and what-nots dedicated to helping out the unfortunate ones.
· People actually like my editing skills. Hahaha :) I did a couple for my friend, Yvorie (yep that’s her in the pics)
· My bestfriend may finally be allowed to sleepover. I’m crossing my fingers & praying.
· I am thankful for my quirky, funny close friends who give me random but interesting ideas for my blog post titles. Thanks K., I still have to think of an outfit though :P
· Filipinos regardless of the calamities, tragedies & stressful causing situations; stick together no matter what, always find a window open when the door shuts & something to smile about. I’m proud to be a Filipino :)

The Lessons Learnt:
1. No matter the trials in life, we will always find ways of coping & fighting through it. We are truly blessed, we just have to realize it. :)
2. Love is so amazing. You could do so many things & be such a better person, when you love someone (whether it is a parent, sibling, friend or partner).
3. People are so quick to judge the actions of another, that sometimes we don’t pause to check if we ourselves are worthy to even judge others.
4. Never underestimate a guy. What he shows you may be completely opposite from what he feels, thus why I gave up on figuring guys out. Hahaha :)
5. Life “overall” is NOT boring. A day can be boring but life just isn’t. You just got to realize it, to enjoy the perks of life. :)

Baby, You Just Make Me Smile

This is the family's adopted baby daughter, a year old terrier named FiFi. Isn'tshe just adorable?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rain..Rain..Please Go Away...

I occasionally enjoy rain since it hardly rains over here in the Sand Land but seeing how crazy the rain is back home at Philippines now, is making me worry. It has never rained as much as it is now and I hate how I'm so far away from my love ones there. :(

Im keeping my fingers crossing hoping the Typhoon Ondoy stops and there is no more harm to those unfortunate ones. Let's all take a minute atleast, to pray for the safety of my homeland Philippines. I appreciate it! :)

Guys, I love you so. Hang tight, the typhoon will be over before you know it. Just keep sane and away from the water pleaseee...

This is a video I saw of how crazy the flood is back home. The water is practically in knee level in the video but its worse in other places since the water level is higher.

Can You Meet Me Halfway Right At The Borderline?

dress, thrifted :: shoes, PRP :: jewelry, thrifted :: bag, mommy's

A loong day, yesterday. Woke up late but fortunately got to the service just in time. To my brother's and my dismay, there wasnt any friday class so we didnt get to see our favorite Mrs.Stapp & her famous, delicious cookie bars.. *drooling at this point now* Went straight on to the main hall to practice and woohh hours of singing can actually tire you out. Thank goodness for waffles, scrambled eggs & bacon in the morning :)
Rest of the day ended with a visit to old family friends. Like literally the mother of the birthday girl was the lady who too care of me back then when my mom was doing her daily rounds as a nurse. Oh the childhood memories make you smile alright :)
Anyways a bit of the jitters, someone is making me smile lately & well I'm enjoying it. Knowing me, I don't wanna rush plus last time I checked I'm off better single now. Hahahah :)

Delilah, Samson & the Lion

This is where the day started..sand..everywhere..goodness :))

Boys and their this case, volleyball was the victim.

Just so no one gets confused, they were playing a game..rock, paper, scissor only human size version..they were acting as lions here :))

My brother in his weirdness :)

Day ended with sand everywhere..i think sand has a crush on me :))
If you read my last blog, i mentioned that i was heading to the beach n I definitely did go. Well I achieved my goals for that day: got a tan, ate alot, & annoyed a dear friend . Life is great indeed. Despite the heat of the sun in fall season, we pretty much had a great time. Till the next P&W "team building" experience. :)) hahaha I can't wait.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Secret of Joy

black tanktop, thrifted :: white skirt, thrifted :: shoes, Next :: jewelry, thrifted

top (worn as a dress), mom's closet :: black tights :: belt, 168 Divi :: jewelry, thifted

It was a usual night for the family yesterday. I didn't get to take pictures of my outfit, boohoo. Rushed out of the house earlier than usual and by the time we got home, I was just exhausted. One thing about my style, I usually dont spend as much as others do. Well one, its quit unpractical financially (pretty low on the budget nowadays) & well I just enjoy finding a good find. It's all about how you wear it right?

Well currently having some alone time now. Me and my laptop, in my room, watching Bride Wars. I watched 17 Again before it and Zac Efron's leather jacket in the movie made me cry. Im definitely crossing my fingers for one since it'll go perfect for the upcoming brrr season. Well back to my movies. Im pulling an all nighter everyone, since im headed to the beach later for a get together with the P&W team. What better way to spend the weekend? At the beach with friends..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nothing Happens Apart from Prayer.

It’s Wednesday again and what better day of the week, to start my blog. This is a first one for me and hopefully not a last one too. I tend to start things with such enthusiasm but then I tend to leave it hanging on unfinished threads too. Crossing my fingers, I won’t be lazy on this project. No special reason why I chose to start my blog today; it just happens to be a Wednesday and the 23rd of the month (one of my favorite numbers way back).

I read this interesting passage from my daily devotional today and it struck to me. I realized it’s so common for us, of those who have faith, to pray to God at out times of weakness, doubts or faults but at the rest of the times in our lives, we don’t. As I read onward, I noted three things:

1. Throughout the day, we should be having a continuous conversation with God. We are asking for His supernatural intervention in the affairs, issues, and circumstances of our lives.
2. Be vigilant in our prayer. We are to stay aware of the needs around us.
3. Prayer ought to be accompanied by a spirit of faith and thanksgiving. We’re thankful because of the privilege of prayer. Thanksgiving also expresses a heart of faith that we believe God will answer our prayer.

Excerpt from Our Fulltime Job by Crawford W. Loritus [Our Daily Journey with God Annual Edition Volume 15] Based on Colossians 4:2

Shout out to my bestfriend, "ShiShi Shen", who turned 20 yesterday...