Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rebellion, Is it a State of Mind??

Being the only female child with two younger brothers, you'd expect my siblings to be one of the "black sheeps"..Ironically to the situation, I believe I'm the one to be labeled the "black sheep" or the "rebel"..It's not that I like doing the wrong things, I just tend to be the spontaneous, adventurous, outspoken mistaken for rebellion type of person. :)) Hahaha well I admit in most of the situations, I've done a wrong of some sort but nowadays I take it well with a positive and accepting outlook. You did it so might as well accept the consequences. Well now I'm grounded for a month. Boohoo but I'm not really that "angered" over my errr punsihment. That's just how life is. :))

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