Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Season, Motherhood.

Hello! Hello! It's been ages since I've last updated my dear lovely blog. 2011 was definitely one of those years for me but I'm happy to say that I am finally back. Not on my regular timing just yet but probably be updating every week or so now. Anyways just so you don't get shocked... You'll be noticing physical changes in the next weeks and months to come, and that's because I am a mom-to-be. Hehehe! :D Super excited for my baby and really excited about being a mom! I just cannot put to words how much I am soo excited about maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby toys and everything else! It is definitely going to be a memorable 2012. :D

(17 weeks along...)

It's still winter where I'm living thus the baby pink tights underneath my sheer maxi skirt and my turtleneck top. I cannot wait for the weather to heat up though (just cause I can't wait to wear maxi dresses everyday of the week. Haha!)

Hope y'all having a lovely start of the week. God bless!