Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold,Cold..Please Go Away

Im still sick and I hate it, though it isnt as bad as yesterday, where I could barely breathe, chew n talk. Woke up feeling better than before so I'm taking it up as a good sign for me. Yeay!! :)

original picture grabbed from Google Images..edited version by Abreone

I know right. "Hott." This was edited by a friend of mine, Abreone (yess i know, its a unique name and I find it really cool. :D). I hope he doesn't see this :P Hahaha. Credits to him though, he used Photoshop, something I have yet to discover n tinker around with. It amazes me how people like him, just know how to do amazing stuff with Photoshop. Makes me all jealous, really in a non-threating way. Hahaha. Creativity + technology = wow. Just goes to show, Im so clueless about the Photoshop world. Hahaha. Well it's on my to-do list in life:: *Learn how to use Photoshop* :D

On another note, my brother's errr attempt to design his room, is really getting to my nerves. I guess its cause I'm sick. Blaghhhh. Anyways his attempt to design his room consists of random pictures stuck to his wall near his instuments and insanely "annoying" collage on top of his headboard. I truly love him with all my heart but sometimes my brother is just a pain. In this case, his design skills are my pet peeve of the day. Hahaha. I will soon figure a way to design his sad state of room, I just have to gather my random thoughts into actual paper :)


Frou Flu said...

yeah that is a cool photo:) thank you for commenting on my blog!:)

xtinagirl said...

Hey girl! :) Thanks for stopping by! And I wish I knew how to use photoshop better!

Ohh and my hair's really not that short. I cheated and tied it back!