Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tis' The Season for Goodbyes and Hellos

Last night, I got the opportunity of going out and having dinner with family and friends. Well they weren't really my family, more like my adopted family since it happened to be my best friend, her family and relatives. The cause for the family gathering and celebration? It was my best friend's sister's graduation yesterday. After some pain-staking long years of studying and hospital duties, she finally graduated with a degree in Nursing. :)

This is me, my best friend and her sister. Oh and that lil cute shihtzu is Yuwee (aka my boyfriend..hehehe) The sister's hair isn't really that red but when photographed it seems brighter than usual. Honestly I find it awesome; makes me want to color my hair. :)

I just had to have a picture inside the Korean food store. :)

Also had to take a picture holding the korean "cookies and cream" ice-cream popsicle sticks we had for dessert. :D They were really good. I think I'll try the fruit flavors next time.

Of course last shot of the night before heading home, had to be with my best friend. We somewhat have the same style, she just happens to like her clothes shorter and tighter compared to me. :) Hahaha.

(P.s. I don't know why my legs seem so shiny here and well in most of the pics. I don't think its my lotion. Hmmm. I put this up cause the dogs were there and well I liked the blurry effect)

What I wore:
 black tanktop, thrifted
black garterized belt, borrowed from best friend ($4)
white detailed/patterned skirt, thrifted ($4)
shoes, borrowed from roommate
earrings, Centrepoint (less than $1)
necklaces, gift
ring, Lushae Jewelry

** On a completely other note, I wanted to say a long overdue thank you to Nina of Ballerina's Closet Obsession for passing along the Beauty Blogger award to me way back then. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Loving the View, Loving the Breeze

Yes hello my lovely ladies and guys. :) I am finally back after a tedious yet enjoying month of moving, traveling and studying. :) A quick touch up on what I've been up to. I went back home to the Philippines last March 30 and I've been quite the busy bee. Went straight ahead and enrolled in school so now I'm busy with my 3rd term (3rd year) major subjects. Moved to a new place (nearer school) last week and well just haven't gotten the chance to blog and take pictures (hehehe, unfortunately didn't get to bring my tripod along with me so taking pictures of myself has become quite a problem).

This is a picture of where I'm staying now. It's a condominium residence village type of place and it's 10 minutes away from school. So yeaaay! for me. :) Pretty place eh? Plus I love the fact that my neighbors have the cutest dogs around. :)

On a completely other note, I finally received my gorgeous ring (I picked it out) courtesy of the lovely Sarah of LuShae Jewelry. Honestly I must say, I'm not a fan of rings since I'm the earrings type of girl but when I saw the LuShae site, I was completely taken in awe with the gorgeous rings. (If you don't believe me click the link now) Whether it may be an ordinary day, a casual trip outside, a typical day to work or a crazy party at night, LuShae Jewelry offers a variety of high-class handcrafted jewelry for that perfect moment.

The LuShae site is easily accessible online and easy to use for those who aren't tech-savvy. Simple instructions when you order and the best part is you get your order within 6-14 (working) days. Once you pick out the jewelry you want, the site clearly states out the finish style, item weight, dimensions and other characteristics.

This is me totally ecstatic that I finally got my much awaited package. :D (though my face doesn't show my enthusiasm..hahahaha)

Tada! This is the lovely ring, the White Pearl Enamel Breeze Ring. I couldn't take a picture that clearly shows it beauty so I grabbed the ones on the site, to show you all, other angles of the ring. The ring is quite simple compared to the other available rings online, yet its gorgeous by itself. I didn't want too much bling on my finger but somehow, LuShae Jewelry was able to incorporate just the right amount of bling to my taste. :) The ring is beautiful, light and well crafted. The intricate details of the intertwined lines and gemstones perfectly make the ring stand out. If you're interested in getting a ring or any jewelry for yourself or a love one, I say take a look at the variety of gorgeous jewelry from LuShae Jewelry.
Doesn't it look perfect on my hand? I think it does. :D

Well that's it for now lovelies. I have a couple of floor plans to do and well I want to finish them before I rush off to my best friend's for the weekend. We'll be helping out her sister pick out her graduation outfit accessories which mean shoes, jewelry and whatnots. I'm just so glad that I'm finally getting to blog again. I have missed you all so much. :) Have an awesome weekend and week lovelies. 

Mwah! Hugs and Kisses.