Friday, October 23, 2009

You Remind Me of Yesterday

I am sorry, I didnt mean to make you hungry after seeing those pics! :)) Hahaha

Today was a pretty alright day. Fortunately got the right lyrics for the p&w for the band at youth church, so I didn’t have to do any last minute cramming.

Celebrated my uncle’s 43rd birthday in advance (his birthday is on yesterday). A birthday celebration usually means food trippin. :D Yeahaay! Yummy biryani rice, grilled chicken, brother’s fave broasted/crispy chicken & french fries!! :D Yumm-O!

As seen on my post way back, my baby cousins are the most adorable kids I know & I LOVE them. Today, I love them even more. :)) Hahaha. I rode back with my uncle & aunt so I got a chance to bond with the two lil’ ones. Unfortunately no camera in hand, so I wasn’t able to catch their cuteness. :) Plus I ending falling asleep on the ride back home, and to my surprise when i woke up, the two lil’ ones were fast asleep too. The sight of babies sleeping is just adorable. Don’t ya think? :)

Completely off the flow. Quick note to the head:: NEVER, EVER write anything on something that isnt yours, whether it be on a phone, notebook or itouch. Whatever object you could write on. This is because the owner just might read it. :
Hahaha. (Fortunately, I was quick to dismiss the persistent friend who owned the itouch I accidentally poured my heart & soul to. :)) Hahaha.:)

On another happy note, I'm happy for my brother and his girlfriend. :D Yes his girlfriend, I can actually say it without any consequences! Hahaha. Piece of advice from one who may be older than you, its best to let your parents know when you’re in a relatiopnship, secrecy will do you no good. :)) Really.

Well that’s the end of my weekend. I’m hoping some of you had fun the past days & those whose weekends have yet to become, may you have an amazing time. :)

bf blazer, vintage :: dress, Ms from Centrepoint :: tights, unknown :: jewelry, thrifted :: boots, thrifted

God bless you! XoXo <3

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Anonymous said...

i looove it!!! :D

-his gf ;)