Saturday, September 26, 2009

Can You Meet Me Halfway Right At The Borderline?

dress, thrifted :: shoes, PRP :: jewelry, thrifted :: bag, mommy's

A loong day, yesterday. Woke up late but fortunately got to the service just in time. To my brother's and my dismay, there wasnt any friday class so we didnt get to see our favorite Mrs.Stapp & her famous, delicious cookie bars.. *drooling at this point now* Went straight on to the main hall to practice and woohh hours of singing can actually tire you out. Thank goodness for waffles, scrambled eggs & bacon in the morning :)
Rest of the day ended with a visit to old family friends. Like literally the mother of the birthday girl was the lady who too care of me back then when my mom was doing her daily rounds as a nurse. Oh the childhood memories make you smile alright :)
Anyways a bit of the jitters, someone is making me smile lately & well I'm enjoying it. Knowing me, I don't wanna rush plus last time I checked I'm off better single now. Hahahah :)

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