Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's All 'Bout the Rock 'n' Roll

Today was quite a day. Usually Sundays are boring for me, fortunately enough, things got interesting for me.
· I became a mediator of sorts between my bestfriend & her boyfriend. Now her boyfriend calls me an angel for helping out. Aawww shucks :) I do my best when it comes to my friends.
· Internet can surely be one of the quickest ways to get attention/fame. Example Jacque Bermejo. Enough said, I won’t bother to comment. :)
· Despite the crazy typhoon back at home, people still find time to go on Facebook. Hmm?? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Facebook happens to be helping those in need; so many groups, status, notes and what-nots dedicated to helping out the unfortunate ones.
· People actually like my editing skills. Hahaha :) I did a couple for my friend, Yvorie (yep that’s her in the pics)
· My bestfriend may finally be allowed to sleepover. I’m crossing my fingers & praying.
· I am thankful for my quirky, funny close friends who give me random but interesting ideas for my blog post titles. Thanks K., I still have to think of an outfit though :P
· Filipinos regardless of the calamities, tragedies & stressful causing situations; stick together no matter what, always find a window open when the door shuts & something to smile about. I’m proud to be a Filipino :)

The Lessons Learnt:
1. No matter the trials in life, we will always find ways of coping & fighting through it. We are truly blessed, we just have to realize it. :)
2. Love is so amazing. You could do so many things & be such a better person, when you love someone (whether it is a parent, sibling, friend or partner).
3. People are so quick to judge the actions of another, that sometimes we don’t pause to check if we ourselves are worthy to even judge others.
4. Never underestimate a guy. What he shows you may be completely opposite from what he feels, thus why I gave up on figuring guys out. Hahaha :)
5. Life “overall” is NOT boring. A day can be boring but life just isn’t. You just got to realize it, to enjoy the perks of life. :)

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Anonymous said... yur blog, n ill definitely come for a sleepover....yu have learned a lot n true abt guys loool....luv ya x0x0