Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nothing Happens Apart from Prayer.

It’s Wednesday again and what better day of the week, to start my blog. This is a first one for me and hopefully not a last one too. I tend to start things with such enthusiasm but then I tend to leave it hanging on unfinished threads too. Crossing my fingers, I won’t be lazy on this project. No special reason why I chose to start my blog today; it just happens to be a Wednesday and the 23rd of the month (one of my favorite numbers way back).

I read this interesting passage from my daily devotional today and it struck to me. I realized it’s so common for us, of those who have faith, to pray to God at out times of weakness, doubts or faults but at the rest of the times in our lives, we don’t. As I read onward, I noted three things:

1. Throughout the day, we should be having a continuous conversation with God. We are asking for His supernatural intervention in the affairs, issues, and circumstances of our lives.
2. Be vigilant in our prayer. We are to stay aware of the needs around us.
3. Prayer ought to be accompanied by a spirit of faith and thanksgiving. We’re thankful because of the privilege of prayer. Thanksgiving also expresses a heart of faith that we believe God will answer our prayer.

Excerpt from Our Fulltime Job by Crawford W. Loritus [Our Daily Journey with God Annual Edition Volume 15] Based on Colossians 4:2

Shout out to my bestfriend, "ShiShi Shen", who turned 20 yesterday...

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