Saturday, September 26, 2009

Delilah, Samson & the Lion

This is where the day started..sand..everywhere..goodness :))

Boys and their this case, volleyball was the victim.

Just so no one gets confused, they were playing a game..rock, paper, scissor only human size version..they were acting as lions here :))

My brother in his weirdness :)

Day ended with sand everywhere..i think sand has a crush on me :))
If you read my last blog, i mentioned that i was heading to the beach n I definitely did go. Well I achieved my goals for that day: got a tan, ate alot, & annoyed a dear friend . Life is great indeed. Despite the heat of the sun in fall season, we pretty much had a great time. Till the next P&W "team building" experience. :)) hahaha I can't wait.

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