Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rain..Rain..Please Go Away...

I occasionally enjoy rain since it hardly rains over here in the Sand Land but seeing how crazy the rain is back home at Philippines now, is making me worry. It has never rained as much as it is now and I hate how I'm so far away from my love ones there. :(

Im keeping my fingers crossing hoping the Typhoon Ondoy stops and there is no more harm to those unfortunate ones. Let's all take a minute atleast, to pray for the safety of my homeland Philippines. I appreciate it! :)

Guys, I love you so. Hang tight, the typhoon will be over before you know it. Just keep sane and away from the water pleaseee...

This is a video I saw of how crazy the flood is back home. The water is practically in knee level in the video but its worse in other places since the water level is higher.

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