Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY: Jewelry Holder

Every woman has a fascination for accessories and usually it's something we put on our bodies, may it be these beautiful diamonds on our fingers, dangling chandelier earrings or a gorgeous statement necklace. Now with the endless supply of jewelry every where, it makes it hard to keep track and organize what we pick up time after time. In my case, my mother and I have this love for jewelry especially earrings, but we can never find a jewelry holder that could fit everything. So here is where DIY comes in hand.

Our original earrings holder was an iron board base that was put up on my closet door. It was efficient, simple and pretty much held all our earrings, the only problem was our necklaces didn't have a place; so jewelry was still cluttered around my room. Of course with a baby coming around that time, jewelry scattered in the room was not an option so we had to think up of something better. And I must say we definitely came up with something better, thanks to my dad for being the amazing, handy dandy carpenter of our household.

So basically with a couple of items found at home and/or at your local hardware store, you can come up with a beautiful, functional piece in your room. 

Now I unfortunately don't have step by step photos of how my dad assembled this, but I will do my very best in explaining to you how he did it. So basically all you need to do is cut the perfboard into the size of your frame and nail it into place. Now for my case, we used a dresser's mirror frame. Yes it is quite big and that's what we were aiming for. It's up to you what size of frame you want to work with. After securing the perfboard onto your frame, you may now place your bolts and nuts on the perfboard. The best part of using a perfboard is because of the pre-made holes on the board, you can adjust how many bolts and nuts you want to put for your jewelry. It could be systemically placement of every 4 holes or it could be random placings. It's all up to you. After that you're pretty much all set to go. You can either hang your frame on the wall, place it against a wall or table or even place it on an easel. Anything goes and now you're free to hang up your jewelry!

This is how we first arranged the jewelry.

And this is how it looks now. We adjusted the placement of bolts and nuts so that it could fit more of our necklaces and even our bracelets. What do you think? We can't wait to put up more jewelry now!

Well I hope this DIY jewelry holder has inspired you to go creative in how to store and organize your jewelry. Happy DIY-ing!

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