Monday, August 27, 2012

New Beginning.

Hello hello lovelies!

I am finally back to my blogging self. I have been quite busy lately thus why the MIA status but now with things finally getting into order (in some sort of way) I am finally back to blog. This time, actual blogging. Hehe. So what have I been up to? We will let the picture do the talking.

On June 13, I gave birth to my sweetie pie boy, Elijah Jethro. From then on, it has been sleepless nights, tshirts covered in baby vomit and the smell of baby poo as my perfume. Not exactly the glamorous life but a life I've been totally enjoying. It has been truly a journey of God's overflowing grace during my pregnancy and now with motherhood under my belt, His grace is just even more overflowing. Now that Elijah is 2 months old, our daily routine is much more stable compared to before so now I have time to actually type up a post. I probably won't be able to take as much outfit posts as I used to (unless you guys dig the whole haggard mom look as an outfit post then maybe I can do that. haha. I'm joking okay,) but I will definitely be trying my best to update my blog more from now on.

Also, you may have noticed by now, the change in my blog header plus sidebar. I've cleaned it up a bit (well actually a whole lot) compared to how it looked before. I did the same to my other blog to maintain a uniformity. Now it's easier to access my other accounts plus my blog looks a whole lot more cleaner and simpler.

So that's pretty much it, I'll end my post with a photo spam of my lil guy. He's 2 months old now so he's grown a lot. You'll see it in the pictures. Haha! Enjoy!

Most of these pics (actually probably all of them) are on my Instagram. Follow me! @velire

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Anonymous said...

oh my! you have the cutest little boy! i am due next month and i cannot wait to see and hold my baby girl!