Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hello lovelies! I am so happy that I can finally post up an outfit post. I practically had to beg my brother though to take my pictures and I didn't even use my camera since I had no idea I drained out the battery (I left it on since the last time I used it. Boo.) So this isn't exactly my usual standard outfit shot but hey nevertheless still an outfit post. Hehe. 

Anyways it took me a while to figure what to wear considering the fact I have a very minimal wardrobe at the moment. When I found out I was pregnant last December, I pretty much jumped on a plane back home and only had a small (really small) luggage to bring thus only bringing clothes I needed & could use. Not to forget, most of the "clothes" I did buy during my pregnancy are all maxi dresses. Well with the tummy flab finally gone, I wanted to dress up sexy but not too sexy thus this outfit. Now my skirt is actual a maxi skirt and with the heat nowadays, I didn't exactly feel like wearing something constricting or long. So what do you do with your maxi skirt? Fold it up tuck it in along the waist and ta-da! A nice short skirt. In my case, the skirt was fitted so when I folded it up it sorta look like a bandage skirt. Quick tip/idea for those bored with the current clothes in their closet.

You can barely see my earrings in this picture and I forgot to ask my brother to take a close-up of my necklaces. Boohoo! Lesson learnt! Haha.

Fifi decides to make a special appearance on my outfit shot and also my son's diapers. Haha! Oh the joys of having my brother take my photos.

As ecstatic as I am to finally be able to put up an outfit post, the highlight of my day (as always) is my son. He wore his first outfit today! Usually he goes out wearing a onesie and then pajama bottoms to keep his feet covered, well today after buying shorts a couple nights ago (because his dada "grand-daddy" wanted them for him) I decided to dress him up. The whole show: onesie, shorts, socks and shoes! Good thing my lil one was a trooper this morning. This is my lil guy's ootd. Haha! (Can you believe it but his onesie is sized for a 9 month old and his shorts are sized up for 6-12 months. He's only 2 1/2 months old and already wearing clothes meant for older babies! Thank you Lord for a healthy boy.)

To end my post, showing you my lil guy all smiles at the camera. He is like this every morning. No joke! Such a blessing to be a mom and to a kid who is as joyful as he is. Have a great weekend loves!

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