Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sometimes, It's About Going For What Makes Your Heart Skip A Beat

I have a Tumblr account and well most of the time, I'm online, surfing thru different Tumblrs to well see whats going on. I stumbled upon this beautiful RED dress that has been, well on my mind lately. :D I've been thinking 'bout having a red wedding dress and I know how beyond traditional that may look, but I love the idea. :) This is me of course thinking about my wedding dress when the idea of getting married still doesn't suit me. :)) Hahaha. Not just yet, I've got school and a career to look forward to, but can't help it. Daydreaming.

(via fashionfever)

On another far away topic. Hahaha. This would be what I wore a couple days back. :) My brother was the worship leader for the youth church that day so "black" was our color theme. Which meant wearing our black Tabitha shirt (which I designed by the way with some help of someone) and pants. I of course chose to disobey and not wear pants. Hahaha. Thus why you'll see me in a skirt and tights. :)

dress, thrifted :: t-shirt, custom designed and made :: blazer, Nexus at Centrepoint :: tights, unknown :: boots, feel 2 free

My brother took the pictures which explains why they weren't that "..." Hahaha. But I love how the last pic turned out even though you can't see my face. :D Hahaha.

Anyways hope y'all having a great week so far. Hug and kisses. Mwuahx!


Jeje said...

Hi Vera. I miss you!

Btw, nice boots :)

Jony said...

Great pics...and love your skirt. Have a nice Sunday!

Girl, could you please vote for my outfit here:
It would definitely help me!
Thanks :)

xxx said...

That is an amazig dress! Kind of remnds me of the Valentino collection. Thank you so much for the comment, means a lot, I'm glad you can relate!I will follow you too:)

GirL With GLasSes... said...

hello =)

that skirt is so pretty!
i love anything that are black and white =)

Dane said...

The dress is really pretty!

Enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Ta robe est très stylée et j'adore ton look

♫♥Oana Roxana♥♫ said...

The skirt and those boots make a great job together.