Monday, January 18, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

Well a lot has been happening in the couple of first weeks of 2010 and well I'm so far excited for the rest that has to come. Most of the times, we never get what we want or how we hope things would happen but then again it's all cause there's something better planned for us. Something far beyond what we expect.

I was browsing thru my pictures of the weekend's sleepover and I realized I didn't get to put these up. the pictures were from my camera but my bestfriend took them.

So obviously the pictures didn't turn out that well, kinda. Hahaha. but I somewhat like the lighting in the right picture. I forgot to change the settings of my camera (olympus E-something) before my bestfriend took the picture thus the "yellow-ness" Hahaha. I thought I wouldn't like having an Olympus camera but I mean it's about how you work with your camera in the end. I am still kinda hoping for a Canon or Nikon. :D Hahaha.

Anyways hope y'all having an amazing week so far. Hug and Kisses. Mwuahx!

Currently inlove with this blog, notebook doodles. More pictures like this, at the site. :)


love, S said...

Hey Vera! This notebookdoodle touched me too... You're so gorgeous - long hair and long legs, much? I also died a little when I scrolled down to that red wedding dress! Funny enough, I have also seriously considered having a fantastic red dress for my wedding! (Not that I'm getting married or anything...)

Photos of the outside world are KEY :)

Denise said...

love the dress! looks gorgeous and sexy. btw i love your photo background.

have a great day

I am Denise Katipunera