Friday, January 15, 2010

I Thought You'd Never Ask

Had a crazy weekend this week and I hope I get to more of it soon. Sleepovers at the bestfriends was just fun. Will be putting up pics of out mini "photoshoot" and I have concluded modeling is hard..hahaha. My bestfriend kept on saying keep still dont move or do this and that. Grrrrrr "hard". hahaha
I've been thinking 'bout it and I figure I wanna make this blog more interesting, than just the photos. hahaha. I know I havent been the best blogger I could be, forgive me. Tumblr and my organizer keeps me pretty busy but I shall not let it be this time. :D Hahaha. Hope y'all had a lovely week and I can't wait for this next week to start already! :) Hahaha. Mwuahx!

My bestfriend, Maria. We've known each other since middle school but have been bestfriends since highschool. Don't you just love havin' people like bestfriends in your lives. :D

I loved the candles in my bestfriend's place. The detailed work plus the colors..Amazzzing :D More random pics of the lil' things I loved at her place.

And now the photos of the mini photoshoot. My bestfriend is aspiring to be a photographer. I hope she makes it. :D I decided not to put up the other pics. Way to much skin. :P

Photography: Maria Y.
MUA: Maria Y.
Styling and post process: moi


beckyxoxo said...

Seems so much fun ! Love the pics :)

Anonymous said...


enterrement de vie de célibataire said...

Tu as de belles photos et tes cheveux ont un super look qui te va vraiment bien félicitations

Kay said...

loving the ultra crisp photos dear!.. u have such a fab blog..

subscribing to u now.. thanks for visiting my spot too :)