Sunday, May 22, 2011

Forever Flowering, “Aiyana”.

Finally got to shoot after being so busy with school and catching up with friends (and whatever else) that has kept me away from being behind the lens. It was definitely different shooting back here and home, the sun seems so much brighter at this end. Hahaha. But nevertheless, thank you Lord for the chance to shoot. 

I “obviously” need to brush up on my skills. I shot Lizzie (a friend of mine) for this shoot. Generally wanted to a desert princess theme but it was just insanely hot at that day, so we went for a casual forest/native indian princess feel. The first two photos pretty much show you what I do as a photographer (not a pretty sight to see. hahaha) and I go to lengths to get what I want done. *The dress I'm wearing is a thrift find I found in one of my secret places for just 80 pesos! I love it to bits! hehehe.

Hope y'all having a lovely weekend back home. I have more pictures to put up but I think I'll wait this one out a bit. God bless you! Have a lovely week ahead of you dear.

Hugs & kisses,

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