Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You're The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed

Just so you know, this really wasnt my outfit yesterday, last night..Hahaha..My dad wouldnt approve of the shortness of my shorts :P Hahaha..This was just cause I wanted to see the casual vibe of the dress turned into a top..And I like it!! :) I shall find a racer-back tanktop that detailed & colorful :D Hahaha.

black & red dress, thrifted at a bazaar :: jewelry, thrifted & some were gifts

Okay, so im not amazing in photoshop..I tried..hahaha I think I just love red & black too much. :)) Hahaha. So, basically just went out to practice last night, and yess that is what I wore to practice. Hahaha. Its really not as short as it seems, kinda. Hahaha. I got to see a birthday vid my friends made for a friend of mine. It's adorable, I mean for dudes to do something like that. Hands-down, I loved the vid. :) Plus my bestfriend looked really funny, I cant wait to tease him for it. Hahaha. Peace bez. I wish I had friends who would do a vid for me too. Ehem it isn't too late by the way, my bday is in like a couple weeks. :D Hahahah. I just miss my friends, cant wait till I see em soon. :D

I Currently can't stop listening to Never Knew I Needed by Ne-Yo.

for the way you changed my plans
for being the perfect distraction
for the way you took the idea that i have
of everything that i wanted to have
and made me see there was something missing

for the ending of my first begin
(ooh yeah yeah)(ooh yeah yeah)
and for the rare and unexpected friend
(ooh yeah yeah)(ooh yeah yeah)
for the way you're something that i never choose
but at the same time something i don't wanna lose
and never wanna be without ever again (oh oh)

you're the best thing i never knew i needed
so when you were here i had no idea
you're the best thing i never knew i needed
so now it's so clear i need you here always


Denise said...

very cute dress. I love the print. I imagine that with black tights too. Looks pretty pretty!

I Am Denise Katipunera

Velire said...

Thanks love :)

I know right. Im planning to wear the dress with tights once it gets colder here :)