Sunday, October 4, 2009

You Rock My World Tonight

vest, brother's :: dress, thrifted :: tights, unknown :: boots, unknown :: jewelry, thrifted

Finally the connection allows me to post up pics without having to wait foreeeverr :)) hahaha..I think this was my attempt to look decent without showing too much leg. The dress is short, like "my dad doesnt like short dresses" so the tights did a pretty good cover-up. Decided to do the whole grunge, rocker look for the day; I think it worked out?? Hahaha..

Shoutouts to the birthday gals n boy of the day..Aika, Gayle & Love, Ghia and Imad
Happy Happy Birthday!!

Also congratulations to my friend, Raleene. Her dad and her both got into the national levels for the invention exhibit festival :) Woohoo!! :D


Raleene said...

Heyy thanks for the shoutout at the end of the post! I love your outfit, esp the bonnet + vest :) blackkkkk <3

Velire said...

You're welcome ral :) i know right..thanks, totally enjoying the opportunity to layer up since its fall :)