Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jice n' Domino

Note :: There aren't any pictures in this post. For some reason, the net doesnt wanna upload em just yet. Hahaha oh well :P

Warning:: This wont be the last time you’ll read about me complaining of my lack of skills in the instruments department. Hahaha. I’m the only child who cant seem to play an instrument in the family!! It’s not like I don’t try, it’s just that I’m just not that into it. Sigh, at least I’m the only girl?! Hahaha. You see I’ve got two brothers, both crazy about music. One a drummer aka Rv (though his current hairstyle would make you think otherwise) and the other a guitarist aka Normandy (he’s more into his wife Red, his electric guitar than his other guitars/instruments).

Weekend craze. Bonding with family & cousins over at my aunt’s & uncle’s place. They’ll be leaving soon for a vacay back at home, wish I could tag along. Hehehe. But considering weather conditions there, I pray for their safety & the country’s too. I spent time with my adorable baby cousin boys who I just adore, absolutely.

Lessons of the day ::
* When called for an impromptu song, its best to smile & look like you know that you were gonna be called out; plus also remember to stick to the basics. Sigh, the perks of being a Filipino child. Hahaha. :P
* No matter how hard you try to reach out and be nice & friendly, sometimes your intentions just get misunderstood. But nevertheless, don’t stop trying, even if it seems like they hate you. Hahaha. :D
* Prayer can truly do amazing things to your life & others. Always have faith in whatever you have chosen to believe.

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