Monday, October 1, 2012

Sniffles, Coughs and What-Nots.

I know I said I'd blog more frequently now and funny how yet again, I skip out on blogging for 2-ish weeks now. I've been busy...watching this Korean series called City Hunter plus mommy duties don't exactly make me that available. Having a 3 month old baby makes you quite the busy person. Anyways, here's a quick sum-up of my past days. Not too sure if I'll be game to do an actual outfit post soon since I'm sick right now. Fighting off the sniffles and coughs with baby medicine since the usual medicines are a big no-no for a nursing mom like me. Thankful for Instagram at moments like these, it makes it easier to capture, record and post my daily moments. If you haven't followed me yet, feel free to follow me, @velire on Instagram! ;)

Say hello to Lee Min Ho or aka the City Hunter. During feeding times, I'd watch this series and it just got so addictive. Haha!

Thrifted top and skirt | Sneakers from Centrepoint (can you believe I got these babies for practically 75% off!)
Dress from secret store | Cardigan borrowed from my mom | Sunglasses borrowed from my brother | Floral sneakers from F&F

Anyways, back to jugging down liters of water right now so that I can get back to being a mommy for my baby without letting him catch my flu. Hoping y'all having a better great start to your October!


Bella Morcen said...

Hihi cute cute baby!

Noelle Chantal said...

Congrats Vera!!! You're baby is so adorable looking! Can't believe you're a mommy now. So happy for you! And thank you for your lovely comment. I missed you too! Looking great as usual! Stay happy and positive! :)

KC said...

Love your looks. :)
I'd love to stay connected. Following you now, follow back? :)

Kisses ♥