Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glitter, Gold, Lace and more.

I have been having quite the busy days in the past weeks and with my school term finishing by next week, the work load aka "drawings, floor plans and terms to memorize" are piling up. Thank goodness we're fortunate enough to have a semester break this school term and I cannot just wait and relax (maybe even shop if my budget permits me too. hehehe)

I had a photo shoot with a dear friend, a week or two ago for her final project for her art class. I was one of her broken doll muses for the shoot which went really well. Fortunately enough, I got the opportunity to shoot with her during the session since I brought my camera, Oly, along with me. It was my first time to take pictures in a studio with lighting and it was confusing at first but overall was a fun time. 

Photographer & Post-Processing: Velire Lugtu
M.U.A.(Make-Up Artist): Elise De Guzman for Sissel, Alyanna & Tine; Grace Ambrocio for Inah, Patch
Models: Alyanna, Sissel, Inah, Patch, Tin

Of course, I have to show my friend's shot of me. We played around with my hair (which took 2 hours to do since my hair is thick and the iron was the thin,small one).
Photographer & Post-Processing: Elise De Guzman
Model: Velire Lugtu

On a completely other note. Hehehe. Last week, I got the chance to attend Glitterati's Prive fashion Series 2010 at the Member's Club last September 1. It was a star-studded event and I do not mean celebrities, I mean bloggers. It was a bit intimidating to see such lovely people there since for one, I hardly blog as much as I used to and school just keeps me on a casual outfit basis lately. :S Nevertheless, I got to chance to mingle with some lovely ladies that night and I do hope that we have a reunion soon! :D

Star struck!!! The gorgeous blooming Denise of Denise Katipunera, the unique and only hippie gal of the night Bestie of The Capricious Club and the flawless, bubbly and sweet Noelle of Noelle Chantal
Photo grabbed from Denise's blog post on the event.
I of course did not go alone considering I'm such a baby when it comes to events like this. Hahaha. So I tagged along my dear friend, Mariz and my bestfriend, Kate (I think you pretty much can recognize Kate now considering she's usually in my posts. hahaha.)
Dresses: thrifted
Shoes: both borrowed from me. Black Tie Up Booties for P400 ($9.00) and Red Pumps for P500 ($11.00)
Accesories: borrowed from me. On Kate, earrings for 5 riyals (P70.00). On Mariz, earrings for P20.

Dress: Mango borrowed from a friend
Shoes: unknown
Jewelry: borrowed and thrifted

Hope y'all being having quite the week too. I'll be blogging soon about a certain event that is drool worthy. ;) Visit soon to find out more!  God bless you. Have a blessed rest of the week loves.

Hugs & Kisses,


AVA T. said...

hi vera!:) thank you so much for gracing my blog page :) i love your style as well and wow you're from csb too! I hope to bump into you one day :) too bad i didn't meet you at the party :( btw, will follow you!

Ann said...

Just lovely!=)
Thanks for dropping by my blog!=) I usually thrift here in Makati, you can see the Store Maps I have posted in the blog, if ever you want to shop there,=)

STACY said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos!
oh my your hair looks so good that way :)
great photoshoot too xx

Taj Acosta said...

Beautiful photos, and you all look so glamorous at the event! Great blog doll ;) xoxo

Denise said...

hi dear I find your blog so awesome! I hope we can be friends here! :)

thedesertfox said...

Such a great photoshoot! I love the mango dress as well

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

nice blog and posts!! great! nice to know you. .


Bea said...

Augh, I am only realizing now how many pinoy bloggers I didn't get to meet at that event!

Your hair looks so fierce in that shot your friend took. Whew!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on our blog, btw! :)

Bea from A plus B

hiven said...


un petit lapin said...

Those photos look fabulous!
And the event looks like it was loads of fun. So many glamourous girls!

W. said...

you look amazing and the pictures looks great you had some fun! kisses


Honey Andrade said...

I was at the Glitterati event too! :)

I love your shoes! :)