Thursday, February 4, 2010

You've Got To be Noisy and Colorful and Lively

So I got to visit my high school yesterday since it happened to be their Sports Day and pretty much got to go around and take pictures and meet up with old friends. I can't believe that it's been 3 years since high school graduation and now it's my friends turns to graduate this year. Don't you just love the memories of high school & well the experiences and opportunities that stumbled by ever since you graduated? Cause I certainly do. :)

It was the perfect weather for half of the day till the sun decided to come out and shower us with its lovely rays. I think that means summer is pretty much knocking on the door now. Yeaaay girls & guys, it's going to be summer time soon. :)

The following pictures are random pictures of people that I took while I was there. Since it was their Sports Day the students and my friends, pretty much had their "play clothes" on.

Blog world, this is Misha, my friend who I mentioned in my last post. :) She's applying into a fashion design course this summer/fall. I love how she paired up her loose top with electric blue legging & her black blazer. Not to forget, she had this adorable necklace on, pixie dust I think? Ohh almost forget to mention her adorable black heart bag! Cute! I want one in red! :)

I knew I was going to walk around a lot and I also knew that it would get a bit hot outside so I made sure to wear comfortable clothes. In my case since I wasn't satisfied with anything in my closet yesterday, I rummaged through my siblings' closets (they're both boys by the way) and ta-da I did find stuff. hehehe.
Excuse the "face". My brother wasn't being all cooperative at that time. Hahaha. My hair seems brown here but it really isn't, I think.
red tanktop, Splash :: red polo, younger brother's :: vest, younger brother's :: jeans, miss jeans from centrepoint :: shoes, thrifted :: jewelry, thrifted, gifts &Centrepoint

Edited photos. I just couldn't help myself. Hehehe. They turned out cool, I especially love the rainbow effect.

Have a lovely weekend and rest of the week loves.

Hugs and kisses. Mwuahx! :*

* Thank you for your comments on my last post!. :D You guys have no idea how it makes me smile, when I see the messages you write. :) 
* On the note about the hair, I can't try it on me, I tried and failed. Hahaha. It's kind of too hard to have my hands and arms stretched out to the back, I can just do the braids, but the other styles are way too complicated. I've been thinking about trying it on my mom so I'll see if we both have the time to try the cute hairstyles out. :)
* One of you lovely bloggers (Leah) asked me about my camera. I happen to use an Olympus E-510 with 14-42 mm lens.
* On the rooms I showed in my last post, I think Misha's mom designed/decorated the room up. :)
* I've just added a box so that if any of you have questions, you can ask there. :D


toxic disco boy said...

turned out great. ^^ love the stripe tee. and it's red. im loving red now. :)

♫♥Oana Roxana♥♫ said...

Wow!You like the vest.The boys have good taste.

Leah said...

I love the effects you did... so cool!!! It's really fun to raid the boys' closet right?

You're using an Olympus? I love the pics.

Pipi Who? said...

hahaha nice blog too ur scrap book... mannnn u're real creative...^^

i'll link and follow u

ash le dugan said...

Thank you so much for following & adding me to your blogroll <3
You are sooo sweet :)

and i love your blog...had to say that i had a fairy chain jut like that with the glitter a child i thought it was fairy dust and i could make wish and have them come true :D


libys11 said...

you have such fun pictures!!!! love your blog! :D

Kym said...

i love how you can rock your younger brothers clothes :) you look great!

StuddedLilly said...

really great shots, i love those rainbow color-ed you lol

xo said...

the last pic is so andy warhol ; love it <3

Jessica Mai : said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Your pictures are amazing! I loved scrolling through your blog and looking at your photos. Keep it up!!

Dont the years go by so fast once your done highschool ?

Jess Mai

Gizelle said...

very cool outfit..:D would absolutely wear the same thing if i'm going on a sports chucks!

haha, the call center is fun..for a while..until people get carried away by their irate callers..hehehe.:D

Sidra Ch. said...

i miss high school. sighs

cameraholic said...

Cool outfit. =)) Love the pictures!!

visit and follow

Sher said...

Ohh, I love the boyish look on you! Stripey shirt look great, I think I need one too!! And that rainbow colour effects are so cool:)


Marla said...

nice outfit :)

Audrey Allure said...

great photos! i love them all.

and i can't wait until summer hits!

twinsouls888 said...

cute outfit girl ^_^. I love the cloud pics.

Tnx for the visit and for the sweet comments ;)

Have a happy weekend girl. ^_^


un petit lapin said...

You took some great shots there! I liked seeing people's fun clothes too. I'm excited about getting my own Olympus camera..

Denise said...

love the super mario shirt and your last photos are soooo good.

wanna have a FREE heart necklace for vday? click here

Nicha said...

I <3 Mario! Great hoodie!

betz said...

these sure are super cool photos! i love your outfit. it's so effortlessly chic!