Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's This Be The Beginning of Something Wonderful

So I had to, just ahd to change up the design of the dining room. Switched up the tablecloth with the curtain n curtain with the tablecloth. Which made alot of difference. Hahaha. Then added different centerpieces, more on candles for the New Year celebration. :)

top, thrifted :: jeans, Philippines :: boots, feel 2 free :: earrings, thrifted

So apparently the dress color code for the night was white but we ended up wearing, well whatever we wanted. And in the spirit of winter, I wore boots. :D Hahaha.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration. :) Its the start of a new year, a chance to make things better than last year. Make a difference, whether big or small, it stil matters. :D

I adddoreeee and looove my brothers but the fact that Im getting shorter than them, sucks :( Hahaha.

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love, S said...

Hi!! This blog is great :) update soon? <3

Oh. And you're gorgeous, dear!