Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tumbling down Tumblr?

This would be how I currently feel (not look) today, "blaagghhhhhh..."
Well more like just this moment. Tired of sorts that I can't seem to understand or pinpoint why. Hahaha. I've been thinking 'bout having a Tumblr account now but more cause, I could put the random stuff there than here. Hahaha. Atleast here, it could be more focused on fashion, photos & design. Tumblr would just be the crazy side of me. Well I havent pushed through with making an account. I somewhat just stared at the tumblr signup screen. Hahaha. Well we shall see what I shall do 'bout it. :D

Saw this adorable post on a Tumblr account, Reminisce*It.

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