Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good Girl Gone Bad

dress, Lan Z at some thrift shop :: belt, Centrepoint (came along with this black skirt) :: earrings, Centrepoint

I know, I am sooorrry. The pics are so fail, they ended up blurry. :( The result of my "photographer" / younger brother falling asleep when I needed someone to talk pics of me. Hahaha. Well atleast you can sort of tell the design of the dress im wearing. It was actually longer, like below my knee (which is something im not used to) so i pulled it up & made it more of my usual length. :))

 Anyways it has been a busy week for my family & I. We've been regularly attending seminars about First Sons, First Daughters. Great seminar, straight to the point & something I can relate to. :)

This lil slice of cheesecake was delish thought not your ordinary sweet cake. It was more zesty (lime & orange, I think) plus I think it had a bit of wine mixed into it. Hmmm?? Hahahaha.

My brother's failed attempt in his first ever cup of coffee. He diluted it with so much milk, it tasted like milk with coffee & not coffee with milk. :)) Hahahah.

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Froso said...

I love your dress! (well i also love the cheesecake in the picture, shame on me!)
great blog!