Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Month <3

Yeaaaay!! :D It's finally November, my birthday month! :)) Hahahah. Now this would be the time where I have this whole list written down & posted up for all to see, of what I'd love to get on my birthday. Well I wanna do this year different (I think?). So obviously my plan is not to buy myself anything this year (it's not like I have a constant cash flow at the moment..Hahaha). No buying anything for myself for my birthday, no matter how tempting it is. :)) Hahaha. Instead, I will enjoy every minute of every day of November and that shall be my gift to myself. What have I got myself into??? Hahahaha. :)) Plus since it is birthday month, I want to make sure that I write everyday on this month. No matter how random my thoughts (like today) are, I shall (have) to write. :D

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Sidra Ch. said...

I like your idea of enjoying everyday of your birth month. What better way to treat yourself :)