Monday, October 1, 2012

Sniffles, Coughs and What-Nots.

I know I said I'd blog more frequently now and funny how yet again, I skip out on blogging for 2-ish weeks now. I've been busy...watching this Korean series called City Hunter plus mommy duties don't exactly make me that available. Having a 3 month old baby makes you quite the busy person. Anyways, here's a quick sum-up of my past days. Not too sure if I'll be game to do an actual outfit post soon since I'm sick right now. Fighting off the sniffles and coughs with baby medicine since the usual medicines are a big no-no for a nursing mom like me. Thankful for Instagram at moments like these, it makes it easier to capture, record and post my daily moments. If you haven't followed me yet, feel free to follow me, @velire on Instagram! ;)

Say hello to Lee Min Ho or aka the City Hunter. During feeding times, I'd watch this series and it just got so addictive. Haha!

Thrifted top and skirt | Sneakers from Centrepoint (can you believe I got these babies for practically 75% off!)
Dress from secret store | Cardigan borrowed from my mom | Sunglasses borrowed from my brother | Floral sneakers from F&F

Anyways, back to jugging down liters of water right now so that I can get back to being a mommy for my baby without letting him catch my flu. Hoping y'all having a better great start to your October!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Booties, Manes and Big Tummies.

Hello, hello everyone!

It's the weekend over here in sand land and also happens to be sale season once again. We all know the drill when it comes to sales and of course, I could not help but shop. Hehe. Finally scored the H&M skirt I've been eyeing for a while (it was marked down to half it's price so I had to get it!) 

Stopped by my favorite shoe shop to well gawk at the amazing shoes. Can you believe that most of these babies cost below 2000 pesos? The ones with the red tags, were all 1000 pesos and below. Now if only I had the money and the closet to fit these babies in. Too bad they didn't have much on my size at the sales area. :( 

Also I found these adorable baby shoes (weren't on sale but they were too cute to pass up) that were just adorable and affordable. My mom picked out the red pair while I went for the more casual everyday-wear sneakers for my lil guy. I cannot wait to pair these shoes with his outfits! Hehe. Looks like the lil one may end up like his mommy. ;)

Ending my post with a collage of these super adorable baby costumes I found online at the Toys R' Us store. I'm planning on checking out if they have any of these costumes available in the nearby Toys R' Us here. Crossing my fingers that they do! I know it isn't Halloween yet but these are too cute to pass up! Which one do you like the most?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Forever New

Armed with a charged camera, tripod and the cats for moral support, I successfully was able to shoot my outfit yesterday. Haha! When you have a 2 month (soon to be 3 months this 13th) baby boy and no one in the family who is tech-savvy or willing to take your pictures, it's hard to take photos for your ootd; but thankfully last night, when Eli feel asleep, I was able to take some photos. Mind you, not the best ones and I honestly preferably like taking photos outside but like last time, this shall suffice. Hehe.

I originally planned on wearing just the maxi dress but considering the fact that it would probably get a bit chilly where I'd go, I ended up wearing a cover-up thus this look. I personally think it gives off a hippie vibe (maybe cause of my crazy amount of long hair too.) All I need is a cute flower crown, a change of more au-natural accessories and I would have achieve a unique Pocahontas look. Haha! Well for yesterday I went for modern hippie.

 Outfit details: dress - Forever New || belt - Urban Behavior || tank top worn inside - thrift shop || necklaces - turqouise beaded necklace from Lulu Supermarket, chain with beads necklace from Accessories from Splash & white one a gift || rings- white ring worn on the right hand from Lushae Jewelry, silver ring a gift

As you all may know I'm not residing in the Philippines anymore ever since my pregnancy and one of the things I dearly miss are the blogger events (Bloggers United, fashion shows, etc.) Well just because I'm here doesn't mean I'm out of the loop (well not completely out of the loop) and for all the interested bloggers/fashionistas out there, here's an event you might be interested in going to.

Trishie of Your Fashion Architect is holding her first ever clothing line launch this September 20. If you are a lover of  anything and everything girly, soft, glittery then her line will most likely tickle your fantasy plus a regular blogger in the blogsphere, she's a wonderful lady with a sense of great style. Expect your favorite bloggers like Verniece Enciso, Dani BarrettoBea Benedicto, and Jessa Ang to be around at this said event because they'll be judging the best dressed of the night awards. If I were back home, I probably wouldn't miss this! For more information and RSVP head over to Trishie's blog, Your Fashion Architect. Have a lovely weekend everyone!